Informations sur +1 (514) 245-8663

  • Type de ligne CELL
  • Localisation MONTREAL, QC
  • Fournisseur Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
  • Date de recherche 2022-05-16
  • Heure de recherche 11:37:00

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Commentaires laissés par d'autres usagers

Nom stefan giec

Date de recherche 2017-01-19

yes this person is a close friend of mine and that was the last time i ever heard from her again can u polease tell me what and where she is right now cause on my net screen it says she is located as of now in montreal but she lives with her father in toronto and im certain her father hasnt paid her cell phone bill cause i spoke to rogers and thats exactly what happened late payment so she has a suspended cell phone line and also when i call her line or even try to text her the operator on my line says this to me exactly the number u have dialed is not assigned please hang up and try your call again... What does that mean thanks so much truly stefan giec bye..

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